Friday, September 13, 2013

Pickle Day

Pickle Day

After keeping our Kool-Aid pickles in the refrigerator for a week, today was the day we actually got to taste them. Everyone, including Mr. Cogdill, was willing to give them a try.  Opinions of how they tasted varied.  Read what our taste-testers had to say.

 The pickle is disgusting.  It tastes like pickle juice.  I would give it a zero.

I did not like the pickle.  but if it was a different flavor, I might.

My Koolsickles tastes like Kool-Aid and pickles.  but really it is kind of gross.  You can smell it, and it smells disgusting.  If you eat it, it will stain your fingers and tongue.  maybe your teeth too!  You can eat something after you eat the pickle.  Drink some water too.

The pickle is awesome.  It is as sweet as sugar.

I liked the pickle.

I didn't like the pickle.  Maybe if it was a different flavor, it would be better.

I hate them.  They taste and smell terrible.   They are the worst thing ever!

It tasted like a pickle in catsup.

It was disgusting.  I just did not like it.  It was too sour.  It belongs in the trash.

I think it was ok, but it wasn't the best.  It was more pickle than Kool-Aid.

I loved it!  I wanted more.

I did not like the pickles.

I liked the pickle.  It tasted good and sweet.  It tasted like Kool-Aid.  It tasted salty and sour and sweet.

They are disgusting cherry pickles.  I hate Kool-Aid.  I tried to sell it, but no one wanted it!

They are too pickly.

The pickle is yummy, tasty, awesome, and sour.  I love it!

They are good.  They are amazing!

I didn't like it.  I couldn't taste the Kool-Aid.  That's my thought.  but thank you for making them.

I thought it was ok, but it was not my favorite food.  I would try it again.  I would rate it a five or six.  It tasted like vinegar, pickles, and a little bit of Kool-Aid.

I liked it.  It was delicious!

I did not like them.

Cherry and pickle.   The juice is sour, and the pickle is yummy.  I loved it!

Taste:  cherry, pickle, sour
Smell:  bad
Look:  bad, but cool
Don't really like it.  Too much cherry, not enough pickle !

Cherry pickles--they're great!  I love Kool-Aid pickles!!
Mr. Cogdill
Surprising, but I liked it.

Mrs. Leija
Don't like it.  It belongs in the trash.

Mrs. Singer
I really liked it.

Mrs. Matt
I like it, but wouldn't eat a lot.

Mrs. Piercy
They were fine.  Not my favorite, but I could eat more.

Mrs. Wasserburger
Not the worst thing I have ever tried, but I wouldn't eat more.

As you can see, the reviews were mixed, but it was a fun project.  Thanks to all our taste testers!

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