Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Math Madness" Times Two!

We had two presentations for "Math Madness" on March 23rd.  Our first speaker was Marc Fisher, a maintenance teacher at Pine Ridge Job Corps.  He brought two very important tools with him, a four feet level and a tape measure.  He explained why it is important to measure carefully, and with Parker's help, showed us how being off 1/4th of an inch can make a difference of almost 3 inches on an 8 foot span.  He also showed us how to figure how many studs (boards) it would take to build a 20 foot wall. Studs are 16 inches apart.  Here is a handy tip he gave us:  The red numbers on a tape measure are 16 inches apart.

The last activity Mr. Fisher did was a math puzzle.  He started with a phone number, then did a series of calculations that led right back to the original number.  The students were amazed at the "magic."

Thank you, Mr. Fisher, for showing us the importance of being accurate with measurement and how math is sometimes just for fun!

Our second presentation was by Sam Fisher and Donica Munyiri.  They are administrators of the Head Start program.  Their job is to oversee the program and help teachers in any way they can.  They use math to set the budget of the program for a whole year.  They figure time sheets for their staff so the staff will be paid the correct wages.

Mrs. Fisher and Ms. Munyiri explained that they teach math through play.  Jazzy and Parker then handed out manipulatives.  Students were to come up with a teaching activity to use with small children.  They showed us how they keep track of test scores to show the children are learning and how they analyze that data to help teachers help students even more.  This is the same thing we do with our fourth grade data.  Each of the students received a handout with fun math activities to do at home.

Thank you, Mrs. Fisher and Ms. Munyiri, for showing us that play can be a way of learning, and that math is important at any age!

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