Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Range Management Specialist!

"Math Madness" Continues!

Our guest for "Math Madness" on March 19th was Clint Phillips, a range management specialist for the U.S. Forest Service.  His job is to manage resources for sustainability, or being able to last for a long time.  Part of his job involves figuring out how many cattle a rancher can put on leased land and how long they can stay there.

Mr. Phillips has cattle of his own, so he showed the class how he also uses math as a rancher.  Students were divided into five groups, and each group named their "ranch."  We had "Heifers' Home," "Cattle Country," "Pasture Ranch," "Awesome Ranch," and "Freedom Fighters."  Mr. Phillips, along with math assistant Kaylie, helped the students use math to figure how many cows and calves they could have on their ranch, how much weight the calves would gain, and what the value of their calves might be when it comes time to sell them.

Thank you, Mr. Phillips, for showing us how math is an important part of your job!

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