Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Read Aloud to a Child Month

Each year the State of Nebraska has proclaimed the month of November as Read Aloud to a Child Month. The official proclamation by the State lists these reasons for the celebration.

  • Literacy is the fundamental building block of all learning and is essential to the growth and success of every child in our state.
  • Reading to children enlarges their vocabulary and enhances their listening skills, thereby fostering intellectual growth and a more positive attitude toward reading.
  • Reading to a child is a simple and priceless act that benefits both adult and child, positively contributing to family literacy and strengthening the bond between parent and child.
  • When parents assume the responsibility for children’s literacy, making a commitment to reading for 15 minutes a day, children become more healthy, resilient and inquisitive.
  • “Read Aloud to Your Child for 15 Minutes a Day” is a nationally recognized program.
  • Read Aloud Nebraska and other organizations representing pediatricians, parents, teachers, librarians and concerned citizens advocate for reading aloud to children because of its educational benefits as well as fostering healthy interaction between adults and children.
  • Reading aloud to children will enhance family literacy and the well-being of young people throughout our state.

Monday, November 5, 2018

The world needs more kind people like you. Kindness is your powerful weapon to bring real change into the world.
a kindness ambassador now!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Quality Costume's and Disguises

Curtis got into the aging cream- It worked.  He looked more like a staff member in this get-up!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Change for Changing Lives-Chadron Community Hospital
Last year’s Change for Changing Lives drive was a huge success (we raised $590 for local cancer patients thanks to your little warriors) The winning classroom enjoyed the Subway Parties.  We will participate again in November. Chadron Community Hospital will be donating free FLU SHOTS to staff. We will start the drive November 1st  and end the last day in November the 30th .  Change jars bill be brought to each classroom. All proceeds go to the Circle of Light which is a program that gives financial assistance to local cancer patients and families. Image result for changed for changing lives

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cardinal Block-Moving up the Block!

Cardinal Block students entertained residents at Crestview this week.  The kids enjoyed the experience and some new friendships were made.  Thank you Miss Scheer and Miss Greitens for thinking of our friends at Crestview!

Reading Prevents Mental Decline

Building New Friendships!

Readers Live Happier Lives

You are never to old for a comic book!