Friday, September 23, 2016

Elmo Eagle Posters due Monday!

Kids-Don't forget to get your pictures of Elmo Eagle colored and returned to school by Monday (Sep. 26th) 

Elmo will be collecting them and the winner gets to ride with him on the float during the CSC Homecoming Parade 2016!

Elmo visited CIS this week to visit with the student about the coloring contest!  Where's Elmo?

Proud to be An American and an Eagle fan!

Future Eagles!

And Eagle-ets!

Goal Setting at CIS Cards Club!

This week CIS students have been working on SMART GOALS in their homeroom classrooms.  Students brought their goal sheets they completed during the week to CARDS CLUB where they discussed their goals and created a "group goal" that would help our school Be Great!  We had some great ideas that the students plan to put in motion.  Some ideas included keeping our school clean, help students who need a friend, and treating others the way they want to be treated "The Cardinal Rule".  We have a great bunch of students at this school but can all use some encouragement.  When visiting with your son or daughter please ask them about their individual goal as well as what their group goal is.

S     Specific
M    Measurable
A     Attainable
R     Realistic and Relevant
T     Time-bound

Students met in the Gym and met their new group members!
Groups put their goals on their helping hands and are decorating their doors to share with the rest of the students!

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Home of the Brave!

In honor of Patriots Day 2016, students sang many patriotic songs in music class.  Some became very interested in learning about the history of our National Anthem after listening to Mrs. Dickerson’s lesson and so Jace decided he would like to learn some more historical facts and this is what he found:

Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem in 1814 as a poem. He was on an enemy warship when he wrote it. He was on it because the War of 1812 was going on. The British took his friend, so he asked the British to give him back. They said yes, but they were going to launch a huge attack that night. So he stayed on the ship with his friend. They had to watch the war. That is when he wrote the National Anthem. Music was added in 1931. The line “The flag was still there” is said because in the morning, at the harbor, there was the flag.

That’s how the National Anthem was wrote.

Jace Paopao (3rd Grade)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NWEA-MAPs Testing-Starts today!

NWEA-MAPs Testing-Starts today!
Tuesday Reading Groups:  Mrs. Anderson/Schmidt   Math Groups:  Mrs. Olson/Whidby
Wed Reading Groups:  Mrs. Dickey/Grant Math Groups:  Mrs. Fromm/Homman
Thur Reading Groups:  Mrs. Olson/Whidby Math Groups: Mrs.Anderson/Schmidt
Friday Reading Groups:  Mrs. Fromm/Hoffman

Next Week
Tuesday Language Groups:  Anderson/Schmidt Math Groups:  Dickey/Grant
Wednesday Language Groups:  Dickey/Grant
Thursday Language Groups:  Olson/Whidby
Friday Language Groups:  Fromm/Hoffman

Monday, September 12, 2016

CIS Student News!

In an attempt to make our announcements a lot more interesting, students have been asked to take over.  We hope you enjoy them.  You may view them at CIS Student News!

Friday, September 9, 2016

CARDS CLUB-Making It Real!

Student groups have been working on a jingle for the last two weeks.  This group got the idea from "Down by the Banks" which is a hand-clapping circle game…Students created many of their own verses and finally chose these to represent our school! We hope to be sharing more jingles in the near future!

Down the Halls at CIS!  Down the Halls at CIS!
We work hard, Play hard Do our Best!
With an A - E - I/O - U
Teacher says follow the Golden Rule!

The clapping game is played in a circle, with the right hand over the top of the left hand of the person to the right of you. Your left hand is under the right of the person left of you. You start the song, and one person hits the right hand of the person on their left, and that person does the same to the next and so on until the song is over. The last person to have their hand hit is out, and the game goes on. When you have two people left, you hold right hands together (sitting face to face) and pull back and forth in a sawing motion until the end of the song. Whoever has their elbow pulled back at the end is out, and the other is the winner!

Monday, August 29, 2016


Caring Appreciative Respectful Dependable Successful

Students and staff discussed the word PRIDE last week.  We discussed things we are proud of and what we have pride in.  We are especially PROUD of the great students we have this year and the smooth start to the school year.  Next week students will be creating a jingle that shows who we are!