Friday, September 11, 2020

Free Meals for Students

September 11, 2020
To: Students, Parents, & Guardians
Re: Free Meals

Greetings Chadron Public Schools Parents, Patrons, and Students:

We are excited to send out some great news: Starting September 14, 2020 through potentially December 2020, All students regardless of economic status will receive free meals at Chadron Public Schools. Money is provided by the CARES Act and could possibly be depleted before the end of December. The USDA has given guidance that schools may extend the Summer Meal Program in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Meals will include both breakfast and lunch served through our school food program. Seconds and ala carte items will be charged to your child’s account.

This guidance came September 1, 2020 and our application was filed. Thus allowing us to start this great benefit on September 14, 2020. I encourage you to have your students eat at school. Meals served prior to this were charged at our normal prices. Please continue to fill out free and reduced lunch forms as normal. These numbers allow us to apply for and reap other benefits.

Chadron Public Schools hopes that this news comes as a pleasant surprise and helps each family financially through these unprecedented times.


Ginger L. Meyer, Superintendent

One Year Later: A Look at New York City Public Schools' Free Lunch Program  - NYC Food Policy CenterNYC Food Policy Center

Free Thermometers

Thermometer Distribution Program

Chadron Public Schools qualified to receive free thermometers for our families and staff. The thermometers were purchased through a Nebraska grant using Keno funds. The free thermometers will be distributed to CIS students today (9/11/20). Please read the attached documents before using the thermometer.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Do You Know the Standard Response Protocols?

Do You Know the Standard Response Protocols?
 Chadron Public Schools has been proud to work with the iloveuguys Foundation to provide clear, plain, standard responses to emergency events.  The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) has undergone a couple of changes in the past year.  One is the change from the term "Lockout" to "Secure".  'Lockout' was too similar in sound as 'Lockdown' so the term was switched to maintain a clear understanding of the difference.  The other change is the addition of "Hold", which simply asks students and staff to remain in their rooms during class. 

Here are brief examples when each would be used in a school or activity setting:

"HOLD" - Keep students in classroom.  Ex. A student has a seizure and medical staff need to enter the building without interruptions or distractions in the halls.

" SECURE" - No one enters or leaves the building because of a threat outside the building.  Ex. Police are looking for a suspected criminal in the area near the school.

"LOCKDOWN" - Avoid, Deny, Defend.  Ex. A threat is inside the building.

"EVACUATE" - Exit the building quickly and safely.  Ex. A fire drill or actual fire in the building.

"SHELTER" - Take shelter in a safe area.  Ex. Tornado drill or actual tornado warning in announced.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 CIS Title 1 Meeting for Parents

Mr. Cogdill and Miss Scott would like to invite you to our first ever Title 1 Parent Meeting using Zoom.   

The meeting is on Monday September 14th starting at 5:00pm.

Join Zoom Meeting

Chadron Intermediate School


  1.  Welcome 

  2. What is Title 1

  3. What is our Title 1 Plan

  4. Parent Survey- Parent Input Survey

  5. Title 1 Parent-Student Learning Compact

    1. Where did this come from?

    2. Who developed it?

    3. Do we need to make any changes? 

  6. Signature Page of Agreement

Proud to be a Title 1 School.jpg

Title 1 Parent Meeting

September 14th, 2020


Thursday, August 20, 2020

CIS's Afterschool Program (CIA)-Limiting Days for Safety Reasons

CIA, the afterschool program at Chadron Intermediate School will need to limit the days registered students may attend CIA. Effective Monday, August 24th only 3rd grade students may attend CIA on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and only 4th grade students may attend CIA on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Student and staff safety is our highest priority.

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