Monday, October 25, 2021

12:00 Dismissal on Friday October 29

“Chadron Cardinals will be hosting first round playoff game on October 29, 2021. Game time is 2:00pm. The district will have an early dismissal at 12:00 pm to allow time for students to dismiss, clear the area safely and allow for fan parking. Come out and support the Cardinals. The game is a NSAA event. Passes will not be accepted.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Red Ribbon Week - October 25-29

Red Ribbon Week 

October 25-29


The Intermediate and Primary buildings will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 25-29. 

During Red Ribbon Week we encourage students and staff to wear clothing for the theme of the

day.  This year's themes are as follows.

Mon. Oct. 25         “Red”y to be Drug Free

                                Wear as much RED as you can.

Tue. Oct. 26 My Future is Too Bright for Drugs 

                                Wear neon clothes and sunglasses

Wed. Oct. 27         Don’t Let Drugs Turn You Inside Out 

                                Wear clothes inside out

Thur. Oct. 28 Team Up Against Drugs 

                                Wear your favorite team jersey or cardinal gear

Fri. Oct. 29 Hocus Pocus Drugs aren’t our Focus                               Bring your costume for the Morning activities.

Red Ribbon Week.jpg

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fire Prevention Week 2021!

Thank you CVFD for teaching us about Fire Safety! Firefighters Travis, Taylor, Wendy, Jared, Brandon-You are the BEST!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Bird Banding 2021

Bird Banding activities at Chadron State Park! Two Junco a sparrow and a partridge in a pear tree! 

Bird banding is a process by which birds are carefully captured in nets and fitted with a tiny metal band around their leg. The band, much like a watch you might wear, does not inhibit the bird from going on with its everyday routines such as feeding, flying, mating or migrating. The band does, however, help scientists learn vast amount about birds in the wild. When a bird is banded, its location, species, sex, weight and general health are recorded on an international database. Then, if the bird is captured in a banding net at a later date, more information is gathered about the bird and entered in the database. This way, scientists can track bird movements, lifespans, health, and population sizes. Bird banding is a key way scientists are able to study birds in a safe and ethical manner.

Through a long-standing partnership with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is able to provide K-12 classrooms with the opportunity to visit and learn at a scientific bird banding station. Two stations are set-up in early fall – Chadron State Park and Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area. For weeks, students from western Nebraska as well as the general public are invited to come to the stations, see birds up-close and learn about Nebraska’s amazing birds.

For more information about bird banding stations, please contact Delanie Bruce at

Friday, September 24, 2021

CSC Women's Basketball and Wrestling spend the afternoon at CIS!


CSC Women's Basketball player, Olivia Pacheco,  read 
Humpty Dumpty to our students.  
She is from Rawlins Wyoming and really 
loves basketball and Chadron!

It's no "big stretch" that the 
CSC Women's Basketball and Wrestling Teams 
make great role models for kids at CIS!

Thanks for facilitating all the fun recess activities today!

Friday, September 10, 2021

2021 Title 1 Parent Meeting



Title 1 Meeting 

To help your child have a successful school year!


Review our Title 1 plan and seek your input.

When:  Tuesday,September 14

3rd/4th Grade Parents:  5:00

Where:  CIS Library

Everyone is welcome!

2021 Eagle Effort Award Winners

The Eagle Effort Award is designated to recognize students that exemplify the traits of being a successful student.  They help others in a positive manner without being told.  They have good attendance and a positive mindset.  They come to school ready to learn and set a positive example for others in the classroom.  Winners will be recognized this Saturday during the Chadron State Eagles Football game during the halftime activities.   Congratulations to 3rd & 4th grade students: Adetsi Sayoune (Mr. Gregory's Classroom and Marshal Mandelko (Mrs. Carrick's Classroom), Kendall Sellman (Miss Rahmig's Classroom), and Bryce Hoffman (Mrs. Grant's Classroom.

Chadron Intermediate is proud of all of our students and the hard work they have been doing to make this a great start to the school year!