Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transition to Middle School

4th grade student have been preparing all year for middle school.  We took "The Tour" this week to relieve some anxiety that comes with going to a new school.  Students met with the guidance counselor and received a copy of their schedule.  An orientation is scheduled for the fall.  We saw were the classrooms will be next.  We met Mrs. Schommer (secretary) and learned where the teacher lounge and nurse's office are located.  We are excited to be going to a new school next year!

CMS is very welcoming!

Mr. Dressel reviewed "expectations" with us
We received a tour of the whole building

Before we left we received a copy of our schedule for next year

We asked a lot of questions

We are excited to be taller than the secretary

The library looks great and we can check out lots of books!

Thanks for the visit

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