Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Students Excel in Writing!

CIS students scored very will on the NeSA Writing last year in 4th grade.  80% of the students met or exceeded the standards compared to 69% of the students across the state.  We are proud of our students but understand maintaining these scores is not always easy.   NeSA Reading scores were closer to the state average with 79% of 3rd grade students meeting or exceeding the standards compared to 77% of the state.  Last year's 4th grade had 77% of the students compared to the state average of 79%.  Our lowest scores when compared to the state average were in 3rd grade math with 63% of the students Meeting or exceeding the standards compared to 75% across the state.  4th grade did better with 74% compared to the state at 72%.  It is difficult to compare different grade levels to each other as there are so many factors that can affect student performance; however, we do our best to provide consistent delivery of our curriculum.  Chadron Public Schools continues to score high when compared to other schools in the state.  

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