Friday, October 11, 2013

WHAT IS WHITE?? by Mrs. Grant's 2013-2014 Reading & Language Group

Enjoy this wonderful collaberation by the third graders in Mrs. Grant's Reading & Lanuage group during a study of the genre poetry and descriptive sensory writing:


White is a warm towel fresh from the dryer.
Cotton from a Cottonwood flying higher and higher.

White is soap that comes in a bar.
Slick as snow on a white car.

Sugar, mashed potatoes, and ice cream
A ghost in a dream beginning to scream!

White is the color of a flashlight beam
The color of the jersey on my sport’s team.

Albino mice and shiny white dice
Slurping a vanilla milk shake is nice!

White is the sound of scratching frost on a window
And as soft as down in a fluffy pillow!

White is the liberty stripe in the flag.
White is the color of most trash bags.

The white of a daisy and feeling lazy,
The lonely feel of white makes me crazy.

The soft feel of a Kleenex on your nose,
White is the color everyone knows
From the tip of their nose to their white-socked toes!

The head of an eagle and also a seagull
A blob of cream cheese of a bagel.

Heavenly white is extremely mighty
And also the color of tighty whities!!

                             --Mrs. Grant’s 3rd Grade Reading Group 2013-2014

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