Friday, January 31, 2014

Chadron PreSchool

Winter Wonderland

This month we have been learning about winter, snow, and arctic animals

Working on counting, quantifying and recognizing numerals by placing the correct number of snowflakes on the playdough mats

We've been working on measuring.  We made a class book measuring how many mittens long we are and then using rulers and tape measures to see how many inches we are.
We also discovered that an emperor penguin is 4 feet tall.  We measured to see if we were taller than an emperor penguin and then how many baby penguin chicks we were.

Counting the parts of a snowman and enjoying a yummy snowman snack made of fruit and pretzels

Writing "yes" or "no" predictions to the questions about penguins

We were surprised to learn that penguins use their wings for swimming!
We made snowmen and wrote our names
Being authors and illustrators!  The class wrote and illustrated a snowman story together.
Discovering how arctic animals survive in icy cold temperatures
Experimenting with ice and salt at the science center
Penguin paintings
A fun penguin craft and writing facts we learned about penguins!

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