Thursday, October 9, 2014

Visit from Sea World

Mike from Sea World visiting with our students!

Our students were super excited to have a Google Hangout with Mike from Sea World in San Diego, California ( today! Mike has been at SeaWorld for over 20 years and you can watch a video of his Sea World story to find out more about him.

He shared with out students about how he decided to work with sharks when he was their age. There were several students talking about how they wanted to become marine biologists when they grew up.

Our students submitted questions ahead of time to help us sort through them and make sure we understood what they were asking and we had some great ideas come up. We had lots of questions to ask Mike and our students were able to learn a lot from him about sharks today.

We learned that sharks are in danger and need to be protected in order to survive.  Since we are from Nebraska, it was neat to learn what we can do to help with shark conservation even though we are not near an ocean.  Simple things like using reusable bags and bottles can help us protect sharks.

As a bonus, we were also able to watch a YouTube video of Sea World employees being able to release a shark back into the wild.

Instead of giving you all the details and facts about what we learned, we will be creating posters and comic strips using the answers to the student questions and they will be posting them to their blogs and on here as well. Keep checking back for more details and to see our student projects as they are completed!

Huge thanks to Sea World San Diego and their awesome employees for taking the time to teach us about sharks today and for allowing us to take part in their first classroom visit through video!

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