Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bankers do Math!

Money "Math Madness!"

On March 25th, our guests for "Math Madness" were Tony Denke and Caitlin Spencer from First National Bank North Platte.  They came to talk to us about what services a bank has to offer and how to balance our money.

Kolby passed out an example of a check register, and Ms.Spencer showed students how to balance their "checkbook."  They pretended to earn some money, go to the movies, receive birthday money, and buy some shoes.  They made deposits,  and withdrawals were done by using a check, debit card, or ATM.  They learned how important it was to keep an accurate account of their money, so you don't spend more money than you have, which leads to paying a fee and costing even more money!

Mr. Denke talked to the students about compound interest, or how to make money on the money they put in savings.  They saw how much their initial investment would grow over time.   He also showed the students how he uses math to figure a person's assets and expenses, or their cash flow.  This helps determine if you can borrow money from the bank. Mr. Denke also talked to them about the importance of saving and being responsible with their money.

Both Mr. Denke and Ms. Spencer stressed the importance of not giving up when something, even math, is hard to do.  It is important to keep trying until you get it.

They finished their presentation by giving everyone an important math tool, a pencil, and a special treat for the day, candy! 

Thank you, Mr. Denke, and Ms. Spencer, for giving us tips on being "fiscally responsible."

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