Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Math Madness, Round 4!"

"Math Madness, Round 4!"

 On March 20th, our guest for "Math Madness" was Ted Tewahade.  His presentation was prepared for the most awesome class ever!  Mr. Tewahade is an IT analyst for Chadron State College.  His daughter, Blaine, says he is a "computer guy."  Part of his job involves purchasing new computers for the college.  He determines how many new computers are needed and then uses math to make sure he is getting the best deal for the money.

He also told us about getting wifi to the college and about how much band width goes to certain areas.  He put that information into a circle graph, which made it easier to understand.  Mr. Tewahade used the analogy of a garden hose to help use picture how much goes through at a time.  For example, only about 6% was used over spring break, but during class times it can  be 85% full.  Special events, such as March Madness, bring up the usage.  He told us the college brings in two lines from Lincoln, following different routes, in case something should happen to one of them.  So far, they have never both been down at the same time.

Mr. Tewahade had some advice for the students.  He told them to always check their work, as math mistakes can be costly,whether in dollars and cents, time, or even their math grades!

Thank you, Mr.  Tewahade, for the interesting math lesson and the advice!

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