Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chadron PreSchool-Newsletter

Parent Newsletter  
Chadron Public Preschool
                  March 12-15, 2012
Hello!  What a “lucky” week we have had here at the preschool!  We were “lucky” to have such nice weather again and coats were often left behind in the cubbies! We have not been so “lucky” as to finding that little leprechaun who has caused all sorts of mischief but were “lucky” to find the little gifts he left us on the playground!  
                  On Monday, the children noticed that this new little friend of ours had gotten into some green paint and left his footprints all over outside.  Then there was GREEN glitter in the sandbox!  That “silly” leprechaun left the glitter out on a shelf in our classroom and friend Madison decided to make a “leprechaun trail” inside!  It was fun to watch Madison and her classmates “glitter giggle” about this path made for the leprechaun!  Green glitter on shoes is fun!
                    Rainbows, rainbows! Colors, colors!  Although we have not experienced a “real” rainbow yet, at school, we sure have had a bunch of fun making them.  If you noticed our big window in the classroom, several of the children got together and made a “stain-glass” window for us, by using colored cellophane.  “Oh that it pretty!” Jayden said.   The children enjoyed looking at it from inside as well as outside!  Mrs. Wollesen explained that it looked like stained glass and showed them the actual stain glass piece in our room.   Mrs. Hoffman and Ms. Rayna showed the children how to make Rainbow Milkshakes as a science experiment.  Please see the back for the recipe.   “That is so cool!”  Rain exclaimed.Mrs.  Hoffman showed us how to make a floating rainbow by using “quiet” water (undisturbed) water in a glass jar and then dropping the different food coloring in the water.   It soon turned into a spectacular rainbow!  Next time we try this (hopefully this week) we are going to use the light table under the water jar…can you IMAGINE?!
                  On Wednesday, our children enjoyed coming to the RAINBOW CAKE COOKING School!
 Mrs. Hoffman showed how the recipe works, the items needed and the kids joined in and what a delightful snack it became!  Ask your child about what colors were in that yummy cake! 
                  Mr. Chris has mentioned “that something is going on in that kitchen!”  That little leprechaun (we presume) has made many of our meal items turn GREEN.  Be sure to ask your child, what greenish food or drink they have had at school!   (JThanks Mr. Chris for getting in on the fun!)
                  We really enjoyed the book, “The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow” by Sean Callahan.
We discussed what a rainbow is and had some wonderful questions.  We asked the children,
 “What would our world look like if we had NO colors?” OR “What if you could not see colors, such as being blind?”  “OH NO!” most of them exclaimed.   “That just would not be good!”  Jesse said.   Ask your child what are the colors of the rainbow…there 7 colors, don’t forget indigo!
                  Miss Cody Baumann, a (pretty) High School senior, visited us on Wednesday.  She reminded us the importance of WEARING SEATBELTS.  We thank her for coming to see us and bringing us some delightful “stuffed” animals that remind the children to buckle up.   There were a lot of good stories and questions coming from the children!   PLEASE remind your child of this at home as well.  Thanks!
                  Mrs. Hoffman and her staff are planning to have a graduation ceremony in May, for all the students. There will be more information /details coming but just wanted to put “this bug in your ear” now!   If you have any ideas, comments or questions, please let us know! 
                  Next week’s topic:  OUTER SPACE…come join the fun, if you can     
                                                 Have a LUCK- OF- THE- IRISH WEEKEND!

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