Monday, April 16, 2012


Parent Newsletter
Chadron Preschool
April 10-12, 2012
            Howdy Partners!  We hope that you and your family had a nice Easter break.  This short but fun-filled week had us learning more about pioneers, cowboys and the Oregon Trail.  Saddle up…for a fun read! (giggle)
            Pioneers are the intrepid travelers who set out into the great unknown and settled our American West.  These brave people were looking for a better life and a new place to call home.  One such pioneer was the beloved author, Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We introduced our students to pioneer life through her books. Most of us are familiar with Mrs. Wilder’s young adult books but there is now a series of children’s books known as My First Little House Books.   The children really enjoyed these wonderful stories and this series can be found at the library.
            The children have been so excited about having a “real” covered wagon that we could try out. (Thanks to Mr. Wollesen for building this covered wagon!)  We also have a “Soddy” (house made out mud and straw) or a log cabin set up in our room.  We have gathered up cattle with our stick horses, “Blacky,”“Spots,” and “Cinnamon” and learned the different ways to stop and start a horse!  Giddddy-Yap!  Whoooa!  Ask your child the 3 different kinds of animals that can pull a wagon. (horses, oxen and mules---which one did the best at pulling?)
            We enjoyed two different kinds of meals the pioneers and cowboys had.  On Thursday, our class enjoyed Johnny Cakes for breakfast. (recipe on back) Then for snack, we had jerky and saltine crackers and Mrs. Hoffman explained how jerky is made and why it was an important meal to the pioneers and cowboys of long ago!  Ask your child what kind of meat (animals) can be used to make jerky.  Throughout this week, we gathered around the “ol campfire” and sang old time Western songs such as “You are my Sunshine,” “She’ll Be Coming around the Mountain,” and “Shoo-Fly!”  At rest time on Tuesday, we listen to Bethany Zill’s CD of
Cowboy Music.   Now that COWGIRL can sing!
            Mrs. Wollesen dressed up as a pioneer woman and demonstrated just how hard it was to be a traveling “momma” on the Oregon Trail.  These pioneers faced many trials, unfamiliar terrain, limited accommodations, shortage of food and water at times!  We also discussed how the Native Americans could be of help to these travelers.
            We would have LOVED to have gone to the Dawes County Museum but our time is limited.  The teachers encourage you to take your child out to this wonderful museum this summer and EXPLORE all the old fashioned pioneer items out there!
            Show and Tell is on Wednesdays and we would like to thank those parents and children who remember to bring one toy/item. Just to let one and all know, one of our students is missing a small, pink/reddish/brown plastic box that contains 2 DS games.  If found, please return to the classroom.  THANK-YOU!
            Coming SOON…Be on the lookout for preschool graduation invites!  Can you believe it? Only one more MONTH of school!  Time flies when WE are having FUN!
                   Westward Ho”-- Have A GREAT Weekend!
            Johnny Cakes
(there are a variety of ways to make JC, but this is a favorite of ours!)

2 beaten eggs
1 Cup of water
¾ c. milk
2 Tbsp. of lard/shortening
1 tsp of salt

*Butter and maple syrup OR Molasses.
  Choke cherry syrup is good too!

In bowl mix eggs, water, lard and salt.  Stir in cornmeal. Stir well before making each Johnny Cake.  For each cake place ¼ batter on a hot well greased griddle, spread to ¼ inch thick.  Cook until golden 2-3 minutes per side.
Serve warm with butter and/or syrup/molasses.
Makes 12-14 cakes!