Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chadron Preschool Newsletter April 16-19

Parent Newsletter
Chadron Preschool
April 16-19, 2012

                        Hello!  It has been a “funny farm” this week at our school! We have been MOOOVIN’ and going QUACKERS learning more about the topic of farms and the different types of animals that there are on farm.
            On Monday, the children were greeted by Bessie the cow.  Bessie doesn’t “moooove” much but she does have a full udder most of the time! The children got a “kick out” milking a cow.   Ask your child about this experience. Feel free to come in and give Bessie a “squeeze” also! J  We had to put the horses, Blacky, Spots, and Cinnamon in another pasture so they would not bother Bessie!  ( advice from a child)
            We have played several familiar games such as “Farmer in the Dell” and “Old McDonald had a Farm.”  Some of the children enjoyed playing the matching game, “Momma and her Baby” using the large wipe-off board.  They also made a BIG picture on that board, of what a farm looks like!  We have some very fine actors and actresses in our class!  We observed this talent when the children performed two stories, “Billy Goats Guff” and “The Three Little Pigs.”
 One Tuesday, we went “hog-wild” with an activity that had to do with pigs/hogs and the joys of mud.  This muddy activity was good to eat too!  Ask your child what flavor the muddy pigs are!   Mrs. Hoffman also showed us at snack how to make and eat a pink pig (cookie).  (recipe on back.)
 On Wednesday, for Show and Tell, Mrs. Wollesen brought in a bouquet of Lilacs.  The children admired these flowers and they smell “oh-so-good” in our classroom.   We think Spring is officially here now! 
The children were delighted to watch how Mrs. Hoffman made homemade ice cream.  We had this wonderful treat and chick cookies for snack.  Ask your child how ice cream is made!
Billy and his peers LOVED the book, Why the Chickens Crossed THE ROAD
by Mark D’Arcy.   A good read for some GREAT belly laughs!
            Reminder:  Last DAY OF PRESCHOOL is May 10th.  This date is different than the Chadron Public Schools.   Our preschool graduation day is May 8th and there will be a short ceremony and then a family BBQ at the preschool.  INVITATIONS will go out NEXT WEDNESDAY, 4/25 which will include more details!
Have a great weekend!!