Friday, May 4, 2012

Bird Watch

Students, parents, and staff enjoyed an early morning bus ride to Chadron State Park.  Although getting out of bed an hour early was tough, it was worth it remarked one of the students as they got off the bus.
The grouped left at 6:45 a.m. early Friday morning!

Two bus loads of students arrived at the park and walked to the shelter near the pond.  They broke into three different groups.

Students acted like different kinds of birds. We had to guess what they were.

Students pretended to be adult birds who had to feed their "brood".  They had to use different tools to gather their food.  Some were handicapped in someway and had to work extra hard to gather the food and get it back to the nest.

We had a great group of parents who really got into the action.  Thanks for all your help!

Kids finally gathered together for a group picture.  Students saw lots of birds and even had an unverified mountain lion sighting.  Three kids fell in the creek(one shoe is still missing)-please let us know if you find it floating toward town.

Note to self:  Don't stand too close to Mrs. Swinney when you are near the water!