Friday, December 14, 2012

Chadron PD investigate possible abduction

By: Jeremy Anderson Posted at: 12/14/2012 01:48 PM
(Chadron)-The Chadron Police Department received a report from a middle school aged student that he/she was approached after school around 3:30 p.m. and offered candy by two male subjects dressed in all black and wearing black ski masks. When the student ran away, he/she reported that the males left in a red four door pickup with a black topper and black windows, southbound on Shelton Street in Chadron NE.
The Chadron Police Department aggressively searched the area for the suspect vehicle and conducted multiple interviews, over the past several days, of other witnesses in the area and in very close proximity to the reporting middle school student. Chief of Police Tim Lordino says; “As of today, we cannot positively confirm that this incident took place and out of an abundance of caution and concern, we have notified regional law enforcement agencies in Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. We have also asked regional law enforcement agencies to assist in looking for the suspect vehicle reported by the middle school student. We have also notified our local school district and the Chadron State College and will continue with our ongoing investigation.”
“Almost every day we read in the news paper or online of a child being abducted molested or missing. An adult’s worst nightmare can be minimized through appropriate safety tips and education about “stranger danger” and what you should do to keep your child safe and secure. Please take time over dinner tonight and converse with your child about these safety tips;”
·         Tell your child to treat all strangers as if they are dangerous and never assist or help a stranger.
·         If a stranger comes towards your child, teach them to run away in a safe and secure direction and immediately tell a safe adult, a teacher, a fireman, a city worker, a police officer or run into an open business and tell an employee.
·         Teach your child to run away from strangers who offer rides, candy, gifts or other promises or who ask for directions. Do not get into a car with a stranger for any reason.
·         Talk to your child about how to answer the phone or door when you are away. Never answer the door unless you and your child agree upon a list of safe adult’s ahead-of-time.
·         Your child should call you immediately if a stranger tries to contact them at home, on the phone or via the internet.

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