Friday, March 22, 2013

Girls on the Run - Note to Parents

GOTR Parents,

Now that we're in full swing, I want to take a moment to touch base about the GOTR program!  I hope your GOTR girl has shared some of the great things we've talked about and the fun activities we've done!  Please make a point to check the website frequently to stay informed and to help with any questions you may have!

Two very important reminders:  ATTENDANCE and CLOTHING/SHOES! 

First, attendance is VERY important.  Your daughter will not be able to get the full benefits of this program if she is late, leaves early, and/or misses entirely.  Each lesson builds upon the lesson before and the girls learn things through the processing and discussion with their peers that cannot be duplicated by simply being "brought up to speed" by one of the coaches.  Also, the training for our 5K builds upon the previous workout as well.  It is our goal that each girl goes into the 5K with the most confidence possible so they can feel successful as they cross the finish line!  I understand that sometimes it cannot be helped, but please, if at all possible, try to work around our Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  Thank you for your understanding!

Second:  appropriate clothing and shoes are a must!  Unless it is a downpour, we will be doing our running activities OUTSIDE.  It is appropriate for the girls to layer up with long pants, hoodie/jacket, and even gloves and hat/ear covers so they can be comfortable as they participate outside!  Also, running shoes are mandatory!!  The girls are working hard to keep moving and doing a great job!  However, as the workouts increase, it is for your daughter's safety that we are required to enforce this rule.  If your daughter doesn't have tennis shoes, she will not be allowed to participate in the workout portion.  Please help your daughter come prepared!

CIS Parents:  Please encourage your daughter to wear comfortable clothing to school so she doesn't have to change after school.  Due to the number of girls we have (Yay!), it takes us a long time to get started when so many are trying to change after school (which means we don't get done as early).  Thank you for your help with this!  

CMS Parents:  Please remind your daughter to check in with the coaches immediately after school!  It is important that your daughter (and/or you) has direct communication with the coaches if a situation arises that will cause her to be late or miss.  You can call Coach Mary Lou Marshall at CMS at 432-0708 and text Coach Angel Lindsey at 430-0387 or email her at  Please understand we are under strict guidelines with GOTR to insure the safety of your daughter at all times.  Although a routine has been established, last minute changes may have to be made due to weather, track meets, use of the gym, etc.  Thank you for your help in this matter!

Last:  May 11, 2013, is the GOTR Statewide 5K in Lincoln.  This is a GOTR only event meaning GOTR girls and family.  If you are interested in participating in this event, please let me know ASAP.  For more information about this event, please check out  
SAVE THE DATE:  MAY 18, 2013, is the CMS/CIS GOTR 5k!!  We will also celebrate with the Hay Springs GOTR team, Morning Marathon Club and our families, schools, and entire community will be invited to share this day with us!  Please keep tuned for more information about this day -- I promise it will be worth it when you see your daughter cross that finish line! (Or better yet, when you cross with her!)

Thank you for helping your daughter have the best possible chance of success with Girls on the Run!!

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