Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lock Down Drill Scheduled for Friday

Parents of CIS Students

On Friday, March 22, we will be participating in a lockdown drill at Chadron Intermediate School. The purpose of this drill is to prepare students, staff, parents and law enforcement officers for an actual lock down emergency. Students will go to a designated safe zone in the building while officers clear the building of any possible threat. No-one will be allowed in our out of the building at that time. Phone calls to the office may not be taken during that time.

Lockdown drills are means of practicing preparedness in a business (such as a school) in the event of an intruder or criminal act. Generally an announcement is given that the building is going on an immediate lockdown. At that point, all occupants present at the time of the drill go to a room and lock all doors and windows tight. They must remain still until a "clear signal" has been issued. If the emergency is really life-threatening, then occupants present at the time of the emergency will evacuate to a meeting zone well away from the premises (scene of the emergency).

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