Thursday, March 14, 2013

Students Enjoy Technology

Mrs. Dickey teaches new vocabulary words to the students

Students enjoy interacting with the Smart Board

It Makes Teaching Easier

  • A SMART Board can do everything a traditional overhead projector can do, only easier. Instead of creating a transparency of a worksheet, you can simply stick the worksheet under the document camera and it appears on the whiteboard. You can display computer screens easily and write all over them on the board, use a special highlighter tool or even use your finger as the mouse and control the screen without going back to your desk.

Students Like It

  • The cutting-edge technology SMART Boards often go over well with students of all ages who are ready for something more involving than a lecture. Dr. Mary Anne Bell of points out that it accommodates different types of students: visual learners respond well to the visual projection elements, while tactile learners benefit from going up front and interacting with the board.

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