Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tornado Drill

CIS students participated in the Tornado Drill yesterday at 9:30.  When the siren went off, we did an "all call" to the classrooms and everyone knew what to do.  We went to the basement of the school where we have two rooms.   From start to finish, the drill lasted less then 10 minutes.  The staff did a great job of preparing the students for a real emergency.

When conditions are right, tornadoes can happen anywhere. Practice drills in these places so that everyone is prepared if a tornado strikes.

At All Times

Assume a curled position on the floor. Put your hands behind your head to protect your skull and face.
Avoid the southern or western walls of the room since those are the directions a tornado usually comes from.
If there is a large sturdy object like a desk or dining room table, go underneath and hold on to its sturdy base.

At School

Move to a room without windows or a large roof (avoid gyms, cafeterias, auditoriums, etc.) Consider:
  • The basement
  • A place on the lowest floor of the school
  • In the interior of the building
If you’re in the classroom, take cover under the desk.

At Home

Move to a basement. If you do not have one, find a room with no windows (like a closet or bathroom). If all rooms have windows, be sure to go closest to the wall without windows.
Stay away from things that use electricity.


Get to shelter as soon as possible. If there are no houses or buildings around, find a ditch to go down low into.
Do not try to outrun the tornado in your car. Leave the car immediately.

In a Tall Building

If there is no basement, try a central stairwell, interior room, or hallway. Do not seek shelter in the elevator.

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