Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Manners Tea Celebrated

     On Friday, November 22, the 3rd grade classes culminated a unit on manners with a formal tea.

Being escorted in.
Abby & Corbin

Hailey & Vance

Hailey & Duane

Austin & Luke

Cassie & Bradd

Mayzie & Blake

Laney & Jordan

Kiilani & Gavin

Miss Rachel & Michael

Practicing "Yes, please" &" No thank you."
Gabe, Blake & Duane


Hailey & Austin

Kiilani , Cassie, Hailey

Gavin, Jordan, Corbin

Mayzie & Abby

Hailey & Laney

Vance, Gabe & Blake

Corbin giving a toast.

Hailey giving a toast.

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