Friday, September 9, 2016

CARDS CLUB-Making It Real!

Student groups have been working on a jingle for the last two weeks.  This group got the idea from "Down by the Banks" which is a hand-clapping circle game…Students created many of their own verses and finally chose these to represent our school! We hope to be sharing more jingles in the near future!

Down the Halls at CIS!  Down the Halls at CIS!
We work hard, Play hard Do our Best!
With an A - E - I/O - U
Teacher says follow the Golden Rule!

The clapping game is played in a circle, with the right hand over the top of the left hand of the person to the right of you. Your left hand is under the right of the person left of you. You start the song, and one person hits the right hand of the person on their left, and that person does the same to the next and so on until the song is over. The last person to have their hand hit is out, and the game goes on. When you have two people left, you hold right hands together (sitting face to face) and pull back and forth in a sawing motion until the end of the song. Whoever has their elbow pulled back at the end is out, and the other is the winner!

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