Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mrs. Anderson's Book Project!

Book Projects

The Big Idea for Unit 2 in reading is: "What can animals teach us?"  Each student in my reading group had to pick out a chapter book that had an animal as either the main character or an animal played an important role in the story.  We are now choosing which projects we will complete.  Each child must pick two of the nine projects and will then give a presentation on their book.  The presentations will be in two weeks.  Below is their Choice Board.  Ask your child what projects they are going to do and I bet they would love some of your help to complete them.  Thank you!

Your assignment is to pick two projects from the selection below. You will be graded on your projects and your oral presentation.
1. Create a diorama​-use a box and create the setting of your story
2.Make a poster​-pretend your book is going to be made into a movie
3.Create a book jacket​-different than the one on your book
4.Write the author a letter​-State why you did or did not like the book
5.Put together a Google Slides presentation
6.Write a letter​ to a friend informing them why they should read the book
7.Make a memory game​- use index cards with the vocabulary words and definitions 4
8.D Trioramas​- What were your favorite parts of the book, who were the characters, etc.
9.Book report flaps​- recall the events in the order that they happened

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