Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bird Banding!

Last week Mrs. Hoffman class had a great time at Chadron State Park.  We met Amber, Erin, and Chris from The Bird Conservatory of the Rockies.  They explained that they were there to “band” birds in order to study the birds and their migratory patterns.  They showed us the special nets and explained how they worked.  We watched as Chris brought seven birds from his nets and weighed, measured, and recorded info on each bird before he placed a band on their leg and let them go.  Altogether we saw about 20 birds be banded.  We saw 14 different species of birds.  Mrs. Hoffman was flabbergasted as she had never seen that many birds banded at one time. We also went for a short hike to see birds in their natural habitat.  We also saw a caterpillar on a milkweed plant.  We know he will be a beautiful monarch butterfly some day.  We played a migration game in which we learned all the dangers faced by migrating birds.  We had an exciting, educational, and fun day.

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