Monday, May 11, 2020

4th Grade Student's - What's your sentence?

At the end of 4th grade I have students come up with their "sentence" about how they would like us to remember them as they move on to the middle school.  It's always a special time for me since I have had most of them for 5 years and they feel like part of my family after all that time.

This year is a little different obviously, but I would still like to make an attempt to have students record videos at home to see if we still make a video this year.

If you can have them write a sentence for me and record a short video I will edit them together.  Watch the videos below for examples if you aren't sure of how this would work.

Videos can be emailed to me (
Or you can share them on this website and I can download from there. ( if you click the pink and white plus button you can even record right from there and don't need an account or password.

2019 4th Grade -

Thank you,
Brandon Horst
Elementary Technology

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