Tuesday, August 11, 2020

CIS Supply List

2020-2021 Suggested Student Supply List
Mrs. Carrick, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. OlsonMrs. Garcia, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Motz
* 24 plain #2 pencils (sharpened)* 24 pack BIC .9mm mechanical pencils
(NO decorative pencils)* 2 packages pencil top erasers
2 packages pencil top erasersColored pencils
Colored pencilsCrayons - 24 or more count
Crayons - 24 or more countWashable markers (NOT fine point) - 8(+)
Washable markers fine point - 8 (+)* 3 glue sticks
* 1 bottle Elmers School Glue2 highlighters
* 3 glue sticks* 6 (big) dry erase markers
* 2 highlighters - yellow1 spiral notebook
* 6 black dry erase markers1 composition notebook (ask Walmart if not sure)
2 two pocket folders with bottom pockets* 1 pkg loose leaf notebook paper (WIDE ruled)
(NOT side pockets)* 4 two pocket folders with bottom pockets
1 pair school scissors (medium size)(NOT side pockets)
1 pencil pouch (NO pencil boxes)1 pair school scissors (medium size)
1 clear 12 inch ruler1 pencil pouch (NO pencil boxes)
1 composition notebook (ask Walmart if unsure)Dictionary (the one you received in 3rd grade is Okay)
* 1 pkg loose leaf notebook paper (WIDE ruled)* 2 boxes of Kleenex
* 2 boxes of Kleenex* 1 roll paper towels
* 2 containers of disinfecting wipes* 2 containers of disinfecting wipes
* 1 box of quart-size Ziploc Freezer bags* 1 box of quart-size Ziploc freezer bags
* 1 box of gallon-size Ziploc Freezer bags* 1 box of gallon-size Ziploc freezer bags
1 pair of earbuds1 pair of earbuds
**Tennis Shoes for P.E. Class**Tennis Shoes for P.E. Class
* Items that will be collected from students and
used by the entire class as needed.
NO trapper keepers or pencil boxes, please. Our desk and storage space is limited.
Please bring only those items on the list.
(Subject to availability for some items)

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