Monday, November 8, 2021

Thank you to our Garden Volunteers that helped Mrs. Eliason clean up

our garden and prepare it for winter. Thank you Emma Olson,

Zander Slingsby, Jess Wild, Tristan Gooder, Elli Schuckman,

Gabe Scoggan, Hunter Steffl, Genevive McMann, Ed Salmon,

Carsten Cox, Alessio Reynolds


  1. Thank you 4th grade students for spending your CIA Physical Activity time and part of your first activity rotation to clean off the 4 x 4 raised beds at CIS. You planted the seeds beginning in March and pulled the dead plants in November, so you got to experience the full circle of garden life at CIS School gardens. Looking forward to you helping to teach the 3rd grade students how to plant next spring! Mrs. Eliason

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