Friday, September 23, 2016

Goal Setting at CIS Cards Club!

This week CIS students have been working on SMART GOALS in their homeroom classrooms.  Students brought their goal sheets they completed during the week to CARDS CLUB where they discussed their goals and created a "group goal" that would help our school Be Great!  We had some great ideas that the students plan to put in motion.  Some ideas included keeping our school clean, help students who need a friend, and treating others the way they want to be treated "The Cardinal Rule".  We have a great bunch of students at this school but can all use some encouragement.  When visiting with your son or daughter please ask them about their individual goal as well as what their group goal is.

S     Specific
M    Measurable
A     Attainable
R     Realistic and Relevant
T     Time-bound

Students met in the Gym and met their new group members!
Groups put their goals on their helping hands and are decorating their doors to share with the rest of the students!

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